7 Figure Ecommerce Case Study: Changing the "Angle of Attack" to Revive a Dead Product.

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7 Figure Ecommerce Case Study

Do you have a great product but it just won’t sell? Have you tried lowering the price with no success? Sometimes it’s not because people aren’t interested or it’s too expensive.

The reason is more simple than you realize.

It’s the “Angle of Attack.”

Learn what this is, and how we turned a single product from deadweight to a rockstar in 8 months with 2 million in revenue. Your product could be one step away from being your bestseller.

Let’s talk about results.

Our bootstrap experience helped us appreciate the value of Skin in the Game. We have spent over $20 Million Dollars of our own money on advertising! So we will always treat your money like it’s our own. It’s in our DNA.

This means we can increase sales with your current marketing budget.

There’s more.

The Pandemic and Lockdowns started in March 2020. You probably know this crushed SMBs pretty hard.

H-Hour’s Ecommerce YTD revenues were 101% higher than 2019!

Like these results, you too can thrive in this hostile environment. This can be your new tomorrow. H-Hour has your six… if you let us.