Our Mission

We help eCommerce brands capture 30-40% more revenue with retention email marketing - and we only get paid for results! No retainers, no nonsense.

Control your brand’s destiny and turn your email list into a money printing machine.
Tactical emails that speak to the wants and desires of different targeted segments. There is no one-size-fits all.
When you engage your customers with retention email marketing, you get a more predictable cash flow, instead of burn and churn.

Is your Email Marketing a money printing machine? Starting to realize its true power?

Email marketing is the most valuable marketing channel for your eCommerce business. The customer list is yours and you aren’t at the mercy of a third party platform. You’re not at the mercy of complicated ad copy policy, and an unfair ban won’t shut the tap off to your brand’s revenues.

But besides being overshadowed by Facebook or Google, why don’t more people take advantage of Email Marketing?

Does this sound familiar? You sent your email campaigns to your customer list, and it was a giant time sinkhole. You had hoped it was worth the time, but it didn’t get the results you wanted.

Having lost your patience, you try out freelancers, only to learn it requires an enormous amount of time to monitor and manage. Still, you don’t get what you hoped for:

Your email list barely grew
You’re overwhelmed by the data you don’t understand, let alone analyze.
You have pitiful opens, click-throughs and conversion rates that are below industry standards
Your email copy doesn’t resonate with your customers
You can’t afford the time and money to do email campaigns in house

Don’t sell your brand short with vanilla templates and barebones email features. Your brand deserves emails that are personable and easy-to-understand to nurture your relationship with customers.

H-Hour will help you hit your email marketing goals with battle ready data hollow points.

Grow and Keep Customers with Email Marketing

H-Hour is a Unleash your customer’s real value with tactical email marketing techniques made for your brand’s identity and customers.

You get custom email flows and campaigns that focus on conversion.

Our Brands & Clients

Grow Your Ecommerce Sales in 7 Steps

Make Contact
Set up a discovery session (Normally, $1,000 - but for a limited time it is FREE)
Unlock Your Brand’s Real Power
We discover your goals with email marketing, and the audience you’ve marked as targets.
A War Plan for the Customer Journey
We chart the flows and the behavioral “landmines” for the customer journey.
Brand Harmony
We prep email design and a “writing voice” that gels with your brand’s identity.
You review, we adjust and if you’re happy you give A-OK
Tailored Design
We execute and create the email flows and campaigns.
All Out Assault
You watch as your emails go live and fly, and we scale your brand to new frontiers.

Our Email Marketing Package

Automated Email Flows
Create and Manage Campaigns
Split-tests, track conversions
Chart Your Customer’s Journey
Grow Your Email List with Pop-up Signup Form
Help flesh out your Brand’s “voice”
Tactical segmentation of your customer list
Email and site integration and/or migration
Test for Spam Filters

What Makes us Unique

Maximum Profit
Our average client sees an ROI of 5x even up to 10x within 6-8 weeks. Email marketing reliably generates 30% of income for some brands.
The Machine
We built a fulfillment process that yields systematic, predictable results with hardly any time investment on your end.
We are a mix of experienced strategists, advanced data-analysts, persuasive copywriters and creative designers that deliver impressive results - short term and long term.
Email Marketing